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ready VectorBase

General Information
VectorBase is a web-accessible data repository for information about invertebrate vectors of human pathogens. VectorBase annotates and maintains vector genomes (as well as a number of non-vector genomes for comparative analysis) providing an integrated resource for the research community. VectorBase contains genome information for organisms such as Anopheles gambiae, a vector for the Plasmodium protozoan agent causing malaria, and Aedes aegypti, a vector for the flaviviral agents causing Yellow fever and Dengue fever. Hosted data range from genome assemblies with annotated gene features, transcript and protein expression data to population genetics including variation and insecticide-resistance phenotypes.

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VectorBase: a data resource for invertebrate vector genomics.

Lawson D., Arensburger P., Atkinson P. et al.
Nucleic Acids Res. 2009

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VectorBase: an updated bioinformatics resource for invertebrate vectors and other organisms related with human diseases.

Giraldo-Calderon GI,Emrich SJ,MacCallum RM,Maslen G,Dialynas E,Topalis P,Ho N,Gesing S,Madey G,Collins FH,Lawson D
Nucleic Acids Res 2014

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