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ready BCCM/MUCL Agro-food & Environmental Fungal Collection


General Information
BCCM/MUCL is a generalist fungal culture collection of over 30 000 filamentous fungi, yeasts and arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi including type, reference and test strains. The collections activities include the distribution of its holdings, the accession of new material in its public, safe and patent domains, and services valorising its holdings and/or expertise to cultivate, isolate and identify fungal diversity in natural and anthropological ecosystems, agro-food (food and feed transformation and spoilage), and fungal-plant interactions.

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Are there keystone mycorrhizal fungi associated to tropical epiphytic orchids?

Cevallos S,Sanchez-Rodriguez A,Decock C,Declerck S,Suarez JP
Mycorrhiza 2016

View Paper (PubMed) View Publication

Rhizophagus irregularis MUCL 41833 can colonize and improve P uptake of Plantago lanceolata after exposure to ionizing gamma radiation in root organ culture.

Kothamasi D,Wannijn J,van Hees M,Nauts R,van Gompel A,Vanhoudt N,Cranenbrouck S,Declerck S,Vandenhove H
Mycorrhiza 2015

View Paper (PubMed) View Publication

Multilocus, DNA-based phylogenetic analyses reveal three new species lineages in the Phellinus gabonensis-P. caribaeo-quercicola species complex, including P. amazonicus sp. nov.

de Campos-Santana M,Amalfi M,Castillo G,Decock C
Mycologia 2016

View Paper (PubMed) View Publication

Phylogeny and taxonomic revision of Microascaceae with emphasis on synnematous fungi.

Sandoval-Denis M,Guarro J,Cano-Lira JF,Sutton DA,Wiederhold NP,de Hoog GS,Abbott SP,Decock C,Sigler L,Gene J
Stud Mycol 2016

View Paper (PubMed) View Publication

The environmental and intrinsic yeast diversity of Cuban cocoa bean heap fermentations.

Fernandez Maura Y,Balzarini T,Clape Borges P,Evrard P,De Vuyst L,Daniel HM
Int J Food Microbiol 2016

View Paper (PubMed) View Publication

Yeast culture collections in the twenty-first century: new opportunities and challenges.

Boundy-Mills KL,Glantschnig E,Roberts IN,Yurkov A,Casaregola S,Daniel HM,Groenewald M,Turchetti B
Yeast 2016

View Paper (PubMed) View Publication

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