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ready International GeoSample Number

Abbreviation: IGSN

General Information
IGSN is a globally unique and persistent identifier for material samples. The IGSN registration service will facilitate the discovery, access, and sharing of samples, ensure preservation and access of sample data, aid identification of samples in the literature, and advance the exchange of digital sample data among interoperable data systems.

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Related Databases (5)
PANGAEA - Data Publisher for Earth and Environmental Science
The information system PANGAEA is operated as an Open Access library aimed at archiving, publishing and distributing georeferenced data from earth system research. PANGAEA is a member of the ICSU World Data System (WDS).

EarthChem develops and maintains databases, software, and services that support the preservation, discovery, access and analysis of geochemical data, and facilitate their integration with the broad array of other available earth science parameters. The EarthChem Portal stores geochemical data, provides a variety of search, visualization, and output formatting options, and is interoperable with the LEPR database and the MELTS software. EarthChem Library is a data repository that archives, publishes and makes accessible data and other digital content from geoscience research.

System for Earth Sample Registration Catalog
SESAR operates a registry that distributes the International Geo Sample Number IGSN. SESAR catalogs and preserves metadata profiles of physical samples, and provides access to the sample catalog via the Global Sample Search.

Index to Marine and Lacustrine Geological Samples
The Index to Marine and Lacustrine Geological Samples (IMLGS) describes and provides access to ocean floor and lakebed rock and sediment samples curated by participating institutional and government repositories in the U.S., Canada, the United Kingdom, France, and Germany. Each curatorial facility prepares data on their own collection for the IMLGS. Data include basic collection and storage information. Lithology, texture, age, principal investigator, province, weathering, metamorphism, glass remarks, and descriptive data are included for some samples, at the discretion of the curator. The Index provides links to view and download related data and images in the long-term archive, at participating institutions.

Astromaterials Data System
The Astromaterials Data System is a NASA funded data infrastructure that supports the preservation, discovery, access and analysis of laboratory analytical data generated by the study of astromaterials samples. The Astromaterials Data System operates the Astromaterials Data Repository (AstroRepo), which archives, publishes and makes accessible data generated by the study of lunar samples (samples collected during the Apollo missions), meteorites, interstellar dust, solar wind, presolar grains, and other extraterrestrial materials. AstroRepo follows international best practices for trusted data repositories. The Astromaterials Data System is operated at the Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory of Columbia University as part of a suite of data systems for Earth and planetary sample data (chemical, mineralogical, and petrological observations), including EarthChem, the System for Earth Sample Registration, and the Library of Experimental Phase Relations.

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