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The Conserved Domain Database (CDD) brings together several collections of multiple sequence alignments representing conserved domains, including NCBI-curated domains, which use 3D-structure information to explicitly to define domain boundaries and provide insights into sequence/structure/function relationships, as well as domain models imported from a number of external source databases (Pfam, SMART, COG, NCBI Protein Clusters, TIGRFAM). NCBI-curated models are organized hierarchically into families, sub- and super-families, and come with annotation of functional sites.

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CDD: specific functional annotation with the Conserved Domain Database.

Marchler-Bauer A., Anderson JB., Chitsaz F., Derbyshire MK., DeWeese-Scott C., Fong JH., Geer LY., Geer RC., Gonzales NR., Gwadz M., He S., Hurwitz DI., Jackson JD., Ke Z., Lanczycki CJ., Liebert CA., Liu C., Lu F., Lu S., Marchler GH., Mullokandov M., Song JS., Tasneem A., Thanki N., Yamashita RA., Zhang D., Zhang N., Bryant SH.,
Nucleic Acids Res. 2009

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CDD: conserved domains and protein three-dimensional structure

Marchler-Bauer A., Zheng C., Chitsaz F., Derbyshire MK., Geer LY., Geer RC., Gonzales NR., Gwadz M., Hurwitz DI., Lanczycki CJ., Lu F., Lu S., Marchler GH., Song JS., Thanki N., Yamashita RA., Zhang D., Bryant SH.
Nucleic Acids Res. 2013

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CDD: NCBI's conserved domain database.

Marchler-Bauer A, Derbyshire MK, Gonzales NR, Lu S, Chitsaz F, Geer LY, Geer RC, He J, Gwadz M, Hurwitz DI, Lanczycki CJ, Lu F, Marchler GH, Song JS, Thanki N, Wang Z, Yamashita RA, Zhang D, Zheng C, Bryant SH
Nucleic Acids Research 2015

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CDD/SPARCLE: functional classification of proteins via subfamily domain architectures.

Marchler-Bauer A,Bo Y,Han L,He J,Lanczycki CJ,Lu S,Chitsaz F,Derbyshire MK,Geer RC,Gonzales NR,Gwadz M,Hurwitz DI,Lu F,Marchler GH,Song JS,Thanki N,Wang Z,Yamashita RA,Zhang D,Zheng C,Geer LY,Bryant SH
Nucleic Acids Res 2016

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