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ready YEASTNET: A consensus reconstruction of yeast metabolism


General Information
This is a portal to the consensus yeast metabolic network as reconstructed from the genome sequence and literature. It is a highly annotated metabolic map of Saccharomyces cerevisiae S288c that is periodically updated by a team of collaborators from various research groups.


Countries that developed this resource United Kingdom

Created in 2007

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A consensus yeast metabolic network reconstruction obtained from a community approach to systems biology.

Herrgård MJ., Swainston N., Dobson P., Dunn WB., Arga KY., Arvas M., Blüthgen N., Borger S., Costenoble R., Heinemann M., Hucka M., Le Novère N., Li P., Liebermeister W., Mo ML., Oliveira AP., Petranovic D., Pettifer S., Simeonidis E., Smallbone K., Spasić I., Weichart D., Brent R., Broomhead DS., Westerhoff HV., Kirdar B., Penttilä M., Klipp E., Palsson BØ., Sauer U., Oliver SG., Mendes P., Nielsen J., Kell DB.,
Nat. Biotechnol. 2008

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Revising the Representation of Fatty Acid, Glycerolipid, and Glycerophospholipid Metabolism in the Consensus Model of Yeast Metabolism.

Aung HW,Henry SA,Walker LP
Ind Biotechnol (New Rochelle N Y) 2014

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