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ready Planteome

General Information
A resource providing data on bioentities and their associated ontology terms for Plant Biology. The database provides access to ontology-based annotations of genes, phenotypes and germplasms from about 90 plant species. A number of internal and external ontologies are used to annotate the biological data available from this resource.

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The Plant Ontology: A Tool for Plant Genomics.

Cooper L,Jaiswal P
Methods Mol Biol 2015

View Paper (PubMed) View Publication

An ontology approach to comparative phenomics in plants.

Oellrich A,Walls RL,Cannon EK,Cannon SB,Cooper L,Gardiner J,Gkoutos GV,Harper L,He M,Hoehndorf R,Jaiswal P,Kalberer SR,Lloyd JP,Meinke D,Menda N,Moore L,Nelson RT,Pujar A,Lawrence CJ,Huala E
Plant Methods 2015

View Paper (PubMed) View Publication

AISO: Annotation of Image Segments with Ontologies.

Lingutla NT,Preece J,Todorovic S,Cooper L,Moore L,Jaiswal P
J Biomed Semantics 2015

View Paper (PubMed) View Publication

Finding our way through phenotypes.

Deans AR,Lewis SE,Huala E,Anzaldo SS,Ashburner M,Balhoff JP,Blackburn DC,Blake JA,Burleigh JG,Chanet B,Cooper LD,Courtot M,Csosz S,Cui H,Dahdul W,Das S,Dececchi TA,Dettai A,Diogo R,Druzinsky RE,Dumontier M,Franz NM,Friedrich F,Gkoutos GV,Haendel M,Harmon LJ,Hayamizu TF,He Y,Hines HM,Ibrahim N,Jackson LM,Jaiswal P,James-Zorn C,Kohler S,Lecointre G,Lapp H,Lawrence CJ,Le Novere N,Lundberg JG,Macklin J,Mast AR,Midford PE,Miko I,Mungall CJ,Oellrich A,Osumi-Sutherland D,Parkinson H,Ramirez MJ,Richter S,Robinson PN,Ruttenberg A,Schulz KS,Segerdell E,Seltmann KC,Sharkey MJ,Smith AD,Smith B,Specht CD,Squires RB,Thacker RW,Thessen A,Fernandez-Triana J,Vihinen M,Vize PD,Vogt L,Wall CE,Walls RL,Westerfeld M,Wharton RA,Wirkner CS,Woolley JB,Yoder MJ,Zorn AM,Mabee P
PLoS Biol 2015

View Paper (PubMed) View Publication

The plant ontology as a tool for comparative plant anatomy and genomic analyses.

Cooper L,Walls RL,Elser J,Gandolfo MA,Stevenson DW,Smith B,Preece J,Athreya B,Mungall CJ,Rensing S,Hiss M,Lang D,Reski R,Berardini TZ,Li D,Huala E,Schaeffer M,Menda N,Arnaud E,Shrestha R,Yamazaki Y,Jaiswal P
Plant Cell Physiol 2012

View Paper (PubMed) View Publication

Ontologies as integrative tools for plant science.

Walls RL,Athreya B,Cooper L,Elser J,Gandolfo MA,Jaiswal P,Mungall CJ,Preece J,Rensing S,Smith B,Stevenson DW
Am J Bot 2012

View Paper (PubMed) View Publication

Plant Ontology (PO): a Controlled Vocabulary of Plant Structures and Growth Stages.

Jaiswal P,Avraham S,Ilic K,Kellogg EA,McCouch S,Pujar A,Reiser L,Rhee SY,Sachs MM,Schaeffer M,Stein L,Stevens P,Vincent L,Ware D,Zapata F
Comp Funct Genomics 2008

View Paper (PubMed) View Publication

The Plant Ontology Database: a community resource for plant structure and developmental stages controlled vocabulary and annotations.

Avraham S,Tung CW,Ilic K,Jaiswal P,Kellogg EA,McCouch S,Pujar A,Reiser L,Rhee SY,Sachs MM,Schaeffer M,Stein L,Stevens P,Vincent L,Zapata F,Ware D
Nucleic Acids Res 2008

View Paper (PubMed) View Publication

The plant structure ontology, a unified vocabulary of anatomy and morphology of a flowering plant.

Ilic K,Kellogg EA,Jaiswal P,Zapata F,Stevens PF,Vincent LP,Avraham S,Reiser L,Pujar A,Sachs MM,Whitman NT,McCouch SR,Schaeffer ML,Ware DH,Stein LD,Rhee SY
Plant Physiol 2006

View Paper (PubMed) View Publication

Whole-plant growth stage ontology for angiosperms and its application in plant biology.

Pujar A,Jaiswal P,Kellogg EA,Ilic K,Vincent L,Avraham S,Stevens P,Zapata F,Reiser L,Rhee SY,Sachs MM,Schaeffer M,Stein L,Ware D,McCouch S
Plant Physiol 2006

View Paper (PubMed) View Publication

Biological ontologies in rice databases. An introduction to the activities in Gramene and Oryzabase.

Yamazaki Y,Jaiswal P
Plant Cell Physiol 2005

View Paper (PubMed) View Publication

The Planteome database: an integrated resource for reference ontologies, plant genomics and phenomics.

Cooper L,Meier A,Laporte MA,Elser JL,Mungall C,Sinn BT,Cavaliere D,Carbon S,Dunn NA,Smith B,Qu B,Preece J,Zhang E,Todorovic S,Gkoutos G,Doonan JH,Stevenson DW,Arnaud E,Jaiswal P
Nucleic Acids Res 2017

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