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ready UK Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council Data Sharing Policy

Abbreviation: BBSRC Data Sharing Policy

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Homepage http://www.bbsrc.ac.uk/web/FILES/Policies/data-sharing-policy.pdf

Developed in United Kingdom

Published in 2007

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BBSRC Data sharing policy. The BBSRC data sharing policy updates include: a recommendation from their Data Sharing Policy Monitoring Group, a consultation with their Tools and Resources Strategy Panel, a consultation with their Integrative and Systems Biology Panel, rebranding of UKMPC to Europe PMC (December 2012), and a change of terminology from 'data sharing statement' to 'data management plan'. This Data Sharing Policy was updated (to version 1.2) in March 2016. It now includes systems biology (specifically the models arising from systems approaches) as one of 3 areas where there is a particularly strong scientific case for sharing. The requirement for a Data Management Plan for all research proposals submitted to BBSRC remains unchanged.

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