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ready Lichenized and Non-Lichenized Ascomycetes


General Information
LIAS is a global information system for Lichenized and Non-Lichenized Ascomycetes. It includes several interoperable data repositories. In recent years, the two core components ‘LIAS names’ and ‘LIAS light’ have been enlarged. LIAS light stores phenotypic trait data. The component ‘LIAS names’ is a platform for managing taxonomic names and classifications. 'LIAS names' and ‘LIAS light’ also deliver content data to the Catalogue of Life, acting as the Global Species Database (GSD) for lichens. LIAS gtm is a database for visualising the geographic distribution of lichen traits. LIAS is powered by the Diversity Workbench database framework with several interfaces for data management and publication.


Countries that developed this resource Germany

Created in 1993

Taxonomic range

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LIAS light – Towards the ten thousand species milestone

Rambold, G., Elix, J.A., Heindl-Tenhunen, B., Köhler, T., Nash, T.H. III, Neubacher, D., Reichert, W., Zedda, L. & Triebel, D.
MycoKeys 8: 11-16 2014

Link to Publication

Geographic heat maps of lichen traits derived by combining LIAS light description and GBIF occurrence data, provided on a new platform

Rambold, G., Zedda, L., Coyle, J., Peršoh, D., Köhler, T. & Triebel
Biodivers. & Conservation 25(13): 2743-2751 2016

Link to Publication

LIAS - an interactive database system for structured descriptive data of Ascomycetes. (in: Biodiversity Databases: Techniques, Politics, and Applications. Chapter 8. )

Triebel, D., Peršoh, D., Nash, T.H. III, Zedda, L. & Rambold, G.
Syst. Assoc. Special Vol. 73: 99-110 2007

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