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ready Minimum Information Required for A Glycomics Experiment - Mass Spectrometric Analysis

Abbreviation: MIRAGE MS

General Information
MIRAGE (Minimum Information Required for A Glycomics Experiment) was created to improve the quality of glycomics data in the scientific literature. Researchers seeking to understand the biochemical structure–function relationships of carbohydrates require detailed descriptions of the assay conditions and the experimental results. Currently, these data are insufficiently reported in the literature. A basic description on the sample preparation workflow is required. In contrast to proteomics, different types of glycoconjugates require partially different release approaches, which in turn can have direct influence on the following conditions/parameters: released glycans or still attached to protein/lipid; type of glycan (N-glycan, O-glycan, proteoglycan fragment); and sample pre-treatment prior MS-Analyses (non, reduced, permethylated, endo/exoglycosidase digested, fluorescent label, online/offline LC-separation).

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The minimum information required for a glycomics experiment (MIRAGE) project: improving the standards for reporting mass-spectrometry-based glycoanalytic data

Kolarich D, Rapp E, Struwe WB, Haslam SM, Zaia J, McBride R, Agravat S, Campbell MP, Kato M, Ranzinger R, Kettner C, York WS
Mol Cell Proteomics 2012

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MIRAGE: The minimum information required for a glycomics experiment

York WS, Agravat S, Aoki-Kinoshita KF et al.
Glycobiology 2014

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The minimum information required for a glycomics experiment (MIRAGE) project: sample preparation guidelines for reliable reporting of glycomics datasets.

Struwe WB,Agravat S,Aoki-Kinoshita KF,Campbell MP,Costello CE,Dell A,Ten Feizi,Haslam SM,Karlsson NG,Khoo KH,Kolarich D,Liu Y,McBride R,Novotny MV,Packer NH,Paulson JC,Rapp E,Ranzinger R,Rudd PM,Smith DF,Tiemeyer M,Wells L,York WS,Zaia J,Kettner C
Glycobiology 2016

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UniCarbKB is an initiative that aims to promote the creation of an online information storage and search platform for glycomics and glycobiology research. The knowledgebase will offer a freely accessible and information-rich resource supported by querying interfaces, annotation technologies and the adoption of common standards to integrate structural, experimental and functional data.

UniCarb-DB is a curated database of glycomic mass spectrometry fragment data.

A repository of glycans with associated MS information and spectra. The repository allows researcher to submit their glycomics MS data for public display. The data is not curated by other than then data provider. Curated data will be transfered to UniCarb-DR

GlycoPOST is a mass spectrometry data repository for glycomics. Users can release their "raw/processed" data via this site with a unique identifier number for the paper publication. Submission conditions are in accordance with the Minimum Information Required for a Glycomics Experiment (MIRAGE) guidelines.

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