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ready ABA Adult Mouse Brain

Abbreviation: ABA

General Information
ABA Adult Mouse Brain is a standardised collection of the expression patterns of thousands of adult brain genes. This resource can be used for a vast array of research on brain organisation and function. There are lighter versions of this ontology that are customised for the NeuroMorpho.Org brain regions.


Countries that developed this resource United States

Created in 2006

Taxonomic range


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Genome-wide atlas of gene expression in the adult mouse brain.

Lein ES,Hawrylycz MJ,Ao N,Ayres M,Bensinger A,Bernard A,Boe AF,Boguski MS,Brockway KS,Byrnes EJ,Chen L,Chen L,Chen TM,Chin MC,Chong J,Crook BE,Czaplinska A,Dang CN,Datta S,Dee NR,Desaki AL,Desta T,Diep E,Dolbeare TA,Donelan MJ,Dong HW,Dougherty JG,Duncan BJ,Ebbert AJ,Eichele G,Estin LK,Faber C,Facer BA,Fields R,Fischer SR,Fliss TP,Frensley C,Gates SN,Glattfelder KJ,Halverson KR,Hart MR,Hohmann JG,Howell MP,Jeung DP,Johnson RA,Karr PT,Kawal R,Kidney JM,Knapik RH,Kuan CL,Lake JH,Laramee AR,Larsen KD,Lau C,Lemon TA,Liang AJ,Liu Y,Luong LT,Michaels J,Morgan JJ,Morgan RJ,Mortrud MT,Mosqueda NF,Ng LL,Ng R,Orta GJ,Overly CC,Pak TH,Parry SE,Pathak SD,Pearson OC,Puchalski RB,Riley ZL,Rockett HR,Rowland SA,Royall JJ,Ruiz MJ,Sarno NR,Schaffnit K,Shapovalova NV,Sivisay T,Slaughterbeck CR,Smith SC,Smith KA,Smith BI,Sodt AJ,Stewart NN,Stumpf KR,Sunkin SM,Sutram M,Tam A,Teemer CD,Thaller C,Thompson CL,Varnam LR,Visel A,Whitlock RM,Wohnoutka PE,Wolkey CK,Wong VY,Wood M,Yaylaoglu MB,Young RC,Youngstrom BL,Yuan XF,Zhang B,Zwingman TA,Jones AR
Nature 2006

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