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ready IBP Cassava Trait Ontology

Abbreviation: CO_334

General Information
Crop-specific trait ontologies enhance the interoperability and effectiveness of data exchange between the data sources which adopt it, by providing standard concepts that are use to describe phenotypes stored in those sources. As one of them, the Cassava Ontology is actively used and shared in different databases such as the BMS (Breeding Management system) of the IBP or the CassavaBase. Cassava, a major staple crop, is the main source of calories for 500 million people across the globe. A perennial woody shrub native to Latin America, cassava is primarily grown as an annual crop in the humid tropics. A cash crop as well as a subsistence crop, cassava's large edible starchy roots are a source of low-cost carbohydrates for millions. Cassava end products range from fresh roots cooked, boiled, baked or fried at the household level, to highly processed starch as a food additive.


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A resource providing data on bioentities and their associated ontology terms for Plant Biology. The database provides access to ontology-based annotations of genes, phenotypes and germplasms from about 90 plant species. A number of internal and external ontologies are used to annotate the biological data available from this resource.

Cassavabase is a database containing breeding data for Cassava (Manihot esculenta). Cassava is a major staple crop and the main source of calories for 500 million people across the globe. No other continent depends on cassava to feed as many people as does Africa. Cassava is indispensable to food security in Africa. It is a widely preferred and consumed staple, as well as a hardy crop that can be stored in the ground as a fall-back source of food that can save lives in times of famine. Despite the importance of cassava for food security on the African continent, it has received relatively little research and development attention compared to other staples such as wheat, rice and maize. The key to unlocking the full potential of cassava lies largely in bringing cassava breeding into the 21st century.

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