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ready doRiNA

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Database of RNA interactions in post-transcriptional regulation.

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Transcriptome-wide identification of RNA-binding protein and microRNA target sites by PAR-CLIP.

Hafner M., Landthaler M., Burger L., Khorshid M., Hausser J., Berninger P., Rothballer A., Ascano M., Jungkamp AC., Munschauer M., Ulrich A., Wardle GS., Dewell S., Zavolan M., Tuschl T.,
Cell 2010

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A genome-wide map of conserved microRNA targets in C. elegans.

Lall S., Grün D., Krek A., Chen K., Wang YL., Dewey CN., Sood P., Colombo T., Bray N., Macmenamin P., Kao HL., Gunsalus KC., Pachter L., Piano F., Rajewsky N.,
Curr. Biol. 2006

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DoRiNA 2.0--upgrading the doRiNA database of RNA interactions in post-transcriptional regulation.

Blin K,Dieterich C,Wurmus R,Rajewsky N,Landthaler M,Akalin A
Nucleic Acids Res 2014

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