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deprecated Mimotope Database


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This record was deprecated on Feb. 8, 2021 for the following reason(s): This resource is no longer available

Mimotope database, active site-mimicking peptides selected from phage-display libraries. It is a database which stores information on peptides that have been selected from random peptide libraries based on their ability to bind small compounds, nucleic acids, proteins, cells, tissues, organs, and even entire organisms through phage display technology. Besides the peptide sequences, other information such as the corresponding target, template, library, and structures are also stored. All entries are manually extracted from published peer review articles and other public data sources such as Uniprot, GenBank and PDBSum.


Countries that developed this resource China

Created in 2009

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MimoDB: a new repository for mimotope data derived from phage display technology.

Ru B., Huang J., Dai P., Li S., Xia Z., Ding H., Lin H., Guo F., Wang X.,
Molecules 2010

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MimoDB 2.0: a mimotope database and beyond.

Huang J,Ru B,Zhu P,Nie F,Yang J,Wang X,Dai P,Lin H,Guo FB,Rao N
Nucleic Acids Res 2011

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BDB: biopanning data bank.

He B,Chai G,Duan Y,Yan Z,Qiu L,Zhang H,Liu Z,He Q,Han K,Ru B,Guo FB,Ding H,Lin H,Wang X,Rao N,Zhou P,Huang J
Nucleic Acids Res 2015

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  • 30600138 (National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC), Beijing, China)

  • 61071177 (National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC), Beijing, China)

  • JX0769 (Scientific Research Foundation of UESTC for Youth)