ready MIPModDB: A Central Resource for the Superfamily of Major Intrinsic Proteins

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This is a database of comparative protein structure models of MIP (Major Intrinsic Protein) family of proteins. The nearly completed sets of MIPs have been identified from the completed genome sequence of organisms available at NCBI. The structural models of MIP proteins were created by defined protocol. The database aims to provide key information of MIPs in particular based on sequence as well as structures. This will further help to decipher the function of uncharacterized MIPs.

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Genome-wide analysis of major intrinsic proteins in the tree plant Populus trichocarpa: characterization of XIP subfamily of aquaporins from evolutionary perspective.

Gupta AB., Sankararamakrishnan R.,
BMC Plant Biol. 2009

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Homology modeling of major intrinsic proteins in rice, maize and Arabidopsis: comparative analysis of transmembrane helix association and aromatic/arginine selectivity filters.

Bansal A., Sankararamakrishnan R.,
BMC Struct. Biol. 2007

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