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The Pfam database is a large collection of protein families, each represented by multiple sequence alignments and hidden Markov models (HMMs). Proteins are generally composed of one or more functional regions, commonly termed domains. Different combinations of domains give rise to the diverse range of proteins found in nature. The identification of domains that occur within proteins can therefore provide insights into their function. Pfam also generates higher-level groupings of related entries, known as clans. A clan is a collection of Pfam entries which are related by similarity of sequence, structure or profile-HMM.

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The Pfam protein families database.

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The Pfam protein families database: towards a more sustainable future.

Finn RD,Coggill P,Eberhardt RY,Eddy SR,Mistry J,Mitchell AL,Potter SC,Punta M,Qureshi M,Sangrador-Vegas A,Salazar GA,Tate J,Bateman A
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