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ModelDB provides an accessible location for storing and efficiently retrieving computational neuroscience models. ModelDB is tightly coupled with NeuronDB. Models can be coded in any language for any environment. Model code can be viewed before downloading and browsers can be set to auto-launch the models.

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ModelDB: A Database to Support Computational Neuroscience.

Hines ML,Morse T,Migliore M,Carnevale NT,Shepherd GM
J Comput Neurosci 2004

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ModelDB: an environment for running and storing computational models and their results applied to neuroscience.

Peterson BE,Healy MD,Nadkarni PM,Miller PL,Shepherd GM
J Am Med Inform Assoc 1996

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ModelDB: making models publicly accessible to support computational neuroscience.

Migliore M,Morse TM,Davison AP,Marenco L,Shepherd GM,Hines ML
Neuroinformatics 2004

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