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General Information
ArrayExpress is a database of functional genomics experiments that can be queried and the data downloaded. It includes gene expression data from microarray and high throughput sequencing studies. Data is collected to MIAME and MINSEQE standards. Experiments are submitted directly to ArrayExpress or are imported from the NCBI GEO database.

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ArrayExpress--a public repository for microarray gene expression data at the EBI.

Brazma A., Parkinson H., Sarkans U., Shojatalab M., Vilo J., Abeygunawardena N., Holloway E., Kapushesky M., Kemmeren P., Lara GG., Oezcimen A., Rocca-Serra P., Sansone SA.,
Nucleic Acids Res. 2003

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ArrayExpress update-simplifying data submissions.

Kolesnikov N, Hastings E, Keays M, Melnichuk O, Tang YA, Williams E, Dylag M, Kurbatova N, Brandizi M, Burdett T, Megy K, Pilicheva E, Rustici G, Tikhonov A, Parkinson H, Petryszak R, Sarkans U, Brazma A.
Nucleic Acids Res 2014

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