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ready Protein Data Bank in Europe


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The Protein Data Bank in Europe is a founding member of the worldwide Protein Data Bank which collects, organises and disseminates data on biological macromolecular structures.

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PDBe: Protein Data Bank in Europe.

Velankar S., Alhroub Y., Best C., Caboche S., Conroy MJ., Dana JM., Fernandez Montecelo MA., van Ginkel G., Golovin A., Gore SP., Gutmanas A., Haslam P., Hendrickx PM., Heuson E., Hirshberg M., John M., Lagerstedt I., Mir S., Newman LE., Oldfield TJ., Patwardhan A., Rinaldi L., Sahni G., Sanz-García E., Sen S., Slowley R., Suarez-Uruena A., Swaminathan GJ., Symmons MF., Vranken WF., Wainwright M., Kleywegt GJ.,
Nucleic Acids Res. 2012

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PDBe: improved accessibility of macromolecular structure data from PDB and EMDB.

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Nucleic Acids Res. 2016

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The archiving and dissemination of biological structure data

Helen M Berman, Stephen K Burley, Gerard J Kleywegt, John L Markley, Haruki Nakamura, Sameer Velankar
Current Opinion in Structural Biology 2016

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