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The European Genome-phenome Archive (EGA) allows you to explore datasets from genomic studies, provided by a range of data providers. Access to datasets must be approved by the specified Data Access Committee (DAC).

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The European Nucleotide Archive.

Leinonen R., Akhtar R., Birney E., Bower L., Cerdeno-Tárraga A., Cheng Y., Cleland I., Faruque N., Goodgame N., Gibson R., Hoad G., Jang M., Pakseresht N., Plaister S., Radhakrishnan R., Reddy K., Sobhany S., Ten Hoopen P., Vaughan R., Zalunin V., Cochrane G.,
Nucleic Acids Res. 2011

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The European Genome-phenome Archive of human data consented for biomedical research.

Lappalainen I,Almeida-King J,Kumanduri V,Senf A,Spalding JD,Ur-Rehman S,Saunders G,Kandasamy J,Caccamo M,Leinonen R,Vaughan B,Laurent T,Rowland F,Marin-Garcia P,Barker J,Jokinen P,Torres AC,de Argila JR,Llobet OM,Medina I,Puy MS,Alberich M,de la Torre S,Navarro A,Paschall J,Flicek P
Nat Genet 2015

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