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ready Human Protein Atlas


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The Human Protein Atlas (HPA) portal is a publicly available database with millions of high-resolution images showing the spatial distribution of proteins in a number of different wild-type tissues, cancer types and human cell lines.

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A genecentric Human Protein Atlas for expression profiles based on antibodies.

Berglund L., Björling E., Oksvold P., Fagerberg L., Asplund A., Szigyarto CA., Persson A., Ottosson J., Wernérus H., Nilsson P., Lundberg E., Sivertsson A., Navani S., Wester K., Kampf C., Hober S., Pontén F., Uhlén M.,
Mol. Cell Proteomics 2008

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Proteomics. Tissue-based map of the human proteome.

Uhlen M,Fagerberg L,Hallstrom BM,Lindskog C,Oksvold P,Mardinoglu A,Sivertsson A,Kampf C,Sjostedt E,Asplund A,Olsson I,Edlund K,Lundberg E,Navani S,Szigyarto CA,Odeberg J,Djureinovic D,Takanen JO,Hober S,Alm T,Edqvist PH,Berling H,Tegel H,Mulder J,Rockberg J,Nilsson P,Schwenk JM,Hamsten M,von Feilitzen K,Forsberg M,Persson L,Johansson F,Zwahlen M,von Heijne G,Nielsen J,Ponten F
Science 2015

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Towards a knowledge-based Human Protein Atlas.

Uhlen M,Oksvold P,Fagerberg L,Lundberg E,Jonasson K,Forsberg M,Zwahlen M,Kampf C,Wester K,Hober S,Wernerus H,Bjorling L,Ponten F
Nat Biotechnol 2010

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A human protein atlas for normal and cancer tissues based on antibody proteomics.

Uhlen M,Bjorling E,Agaton C,Szigyarto CA,Amini B,Andersen E,Andersson AC,Angelidou P,Asplund A,Asplund C,Berglund L,Bergstrom K,Brumer H,Cerjan D,Ekstrom M,Elobeid A,Eriksson C,Fagerberg L,Falk R,Fall J,Forsberg M,Bjorklund MG,Gumbel K,Halimi A,Hallin I,Hamsten C,Hansson M,Hedhammar M,Hercules G,Kampf C,Larsson K,Lindskog M,Lodewyckx W,Lund J,Lundeberg J,Magnusson K,Malm E,Nilsson P,Odling J,Oksvold P,Olsson I,Oster E,Ottosson J,Paavilainen L,Persson A,Rimini R,Rockberg J,Runeson M,Sivertsson A,Skollermo A,Steen J,Stenvall M,Sterky F,Stromberg S,Sundberg M,Tegel H,Tourle S,Wahlund E,Walden A,Wan J,Wernerus H,Westberg J,Wester K,Wrethagen U,Xu LL,Hober S,Ponten F
Mol Cell Proteomics 2005

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The Human Protein Atlas--a tool for pathology.

Ponten F,Jirstrom K,Uhlen M
J Pathol 2008

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Transcriptomics resources of human tissues and organs.

Uhlen M,Hallstrom BM,Lindskog C,Mardinoglu A,Ponten F,Nielsen J
Mol Syst Biol 2016

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A pathology atlas of the human cancer transcriptome

Mathias Uhlen, Cheng Zhang, Sunjae Lee, Evelina Sjöstedt, Linn Fagerberg, Gholamreza Bidkhori, Rui Benfeitas, Muhammad Arif, Zhengtao Liu, Fredrik Edfors, Kemal Sanli, Kalle von Feilitzen, Per Oksvold, Emma Lundberg, Sophia Hober, Peter Nilsson, Johanna Mattsson, Jochen M. Schwenk, Hans Brunnström, Bengt Glimelius, Tobias Sjöblom, Per-Henrik Edqvist, Dijana Djureinovic, Patrick Micke, Cecilia Lindskog, Adil Mardinoglu, Fredrik Ponten
Science 2017

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A subcellular map of the human proteome.

Thul PJ,Akesson L,Wiking M,Mahdessian D,Geladaki A,Ait Blal H,Alm T,Asplund A,Bjork L,Breckels LM,Backstrom A,Danielsson F,Fagerberg L,Fall J,Gatto L,Gnann C,Hober S,Hjelmare M,Johansson F,Lee S,Lindskog C,Mulder J,Mulvey CM,Nilsson P,Oksvold P,Rockberg J,Schutten R,Schwenk JM,Sivertsson A,Sjostedt E,Skogs M,Stadler C,Sullivan DP,Tegel H,Winsnes C,Zhang C,Zwahlen M,Mardinoglu A,Ponten F,von Feilitzen K,Lilley KS,Uhlen M,Lundberg E
Science 2017

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