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ready Rat Genome Database


General Information
The Rat Genome Database is the premier site for genetic, genomic, phenotype, and disease data generated from rat research. It provides easy access to corresponding human and mouse data for cross-species comparison and its comprehensive data and innovative software tools make it a valuable resource for researchers worldwide.

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  • HL64541 (National Heart Lung and Blood Institute - NIH)


The Rat Genome Database, update 2007--easing the path from disease to data and back again.

Twigger SN., Shimoyama M., Bromberg S., Kwitek AE., Jacob HJ.,
Nucleic Acids Res. 2007

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The Disease Portals, disease-gene annotation and the RGD disease ontology at the Rat Genome Database.

Hayman GT,Laulederkind SJ,Smith JR,Wang SJ,Petri V,Nigam R,Tutaj M,De Pons J,Dwinell MR,Shimoyama M
Database (Oxford) 2016

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A high-density integrated genetic linkage and radiation hybrid map of the laboratory rat.

Steen RG,Kwitek-Black AE,Glenn C,Gullings-Handley J,Van Etten W,Atkinson OS,Appel D,Twigger S,Muir M,Mull T,Granados M,Kissebah M,Russo K,Crane R,Popp M,Peden M,Matise T,Brown DM,Lu J,Kingsmore S,Tonellato PJ,Rozen S,Slonim D,Young P,Jacob HJ
Genome Res 1999

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The Rat Genome Database 2015: genomic, phenotypic and environmental variations and disease.

Shimoyama M,De Pons J,Hayman GT,Laulederkind SJ,Liu W,Nigam R,Petri V,Smith JR,Tutaj M,Wang SJ,Worthey E,Dwinell M,Jacob H
Nucleic Acids Res 2014

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