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ready GeneCards: human genes, protein and diseases


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GeneCards is a searchable, integrated, database of human genes that provides concise genomic, transcriptomic, genetic, proteomic, functional and disease related information on all known and predicted human genes.


Developed in Israel

Created in 1996

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  • 241544 (European Commission FP7)

  • 043312 (European Commission FP6)


GeneCards Version 3: the human gene integrator.

Safran M., Dalah I., Alexander J., Rosen N., Iny Stein T., Shmoish M., Nativ N., Bahir I., Doniger T., Krug H., Sirota-Madi A., Olender T., Golan Y., Stelzer G., Harel A., Lancet D.,
Database (Oxford) 2010

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GeneCards 2002: towards a complete, object-oriented, human gene compendium.

Safran M,Solomon I,Shmueli O,Lapidot M,Shen-Orr S,Adato A,Ben-Dor U,Esterman N,Rosen N,Peter I,Olender T,Chalifa-Caspi V,Lancet D
Bioinformatics 2002

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GeneCards: integrating information about genes, proteins and diseases.

Rebhan M,Chalifa-Caspi V,Prilusky J,Lancet D
Trends Genet 1997

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VarElect: the phenotype-based variation prioritizer of the GeneCards suite

Stelzer G, Plaschkes I, Oz-Levi D, Alkelai A, Olender T, Zimmerman S, Twik M., Belinky F, Fishilevich S, Nudel R, Guan-Golan Y, Warshawsky D, Dahary D, Kohn A, Mazor Y, Kaplan S, Iny Stein T, Baris H, Rappaport N, Safran M, and Lancet D.
BMC Genomics 2016

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Genic Insights From Integrated Human Proteomics in GeneCards

Fishilevich S, Zimmerman S, Kohn A, Iny Stein T, Safran M, and Lancet D.
Database 2016

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The GeneCards Suite: From Gene Data Mining to Disease Genome Sequence Analysis

Stelzer G, Rosen R, Plaschkes I, Zimmerman S, Twik M, Fishilevich S, Iny Stein T, Nudel R, Lieder I, Mazor Y, Kaplan S, Dahary, D, Warshawsky D, Guan-Golan Y, Kohn A, Rappaport N, Safran M, and Lancet D.
Current Protocols in Bioinformatics 2016

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GeneAnalytics: An integrative gene set analysis tool

Ben-Ari Fuchs S, Lieder I, Stelzer G, Mazor Y, Buzhor E, Kaplan S, Bogoch Y, Plaschkes I, Shitrit A, Rappaport N, Kohn A, Edgar R, Shenhav L, Safran M, Lancet D, Guan-Golan Y, Warshawsky D, and Strichman R.
OMICS 2016

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PathCards: multi-source consolidation of human biological pathways

Belinky F, Nativ N, Stelzer G, Zimmerman S, Iny Stein T, Safran M, and Lancet, D.
Database 2015

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Non-redundant compendium of human ncRNA genes in GeneCards

Belinky F, Bahir I, Stelzer G, Zimmerman S, Rosen N, Nativ N, Dalah I, Iny Stein T, Rappaport N, Mituyama M, Safran M and Lancet D.
Bioinformatics 2013