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GeneProf Data is an open web resource for analysed functional genomics experiments. We have built up a large collection of completely processed RNA-seq and ChIP-seq studies by carefully and transparently reanalysing and annotating high-profile public data sets. GeneProf makes these data instantly accessible in an easily interpretable, searchable and reusable manner and thus opens up the path to the advantages and insights gained from genome-scale experiments to a broader scientific audience. Moreover, GeneProf supports programmatic access to these data via web services to further facilitate the reuse of experimental data across tools and laboratories.

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  • G0901533 (Medical Research Council)


GeneProf: analysis of high-throughput sequencing experiments

Halbritter F, Vaidya HJ and Tomlinson SR
Nature Methods 2011

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GeneProf data: a resource of curated, integrated and reusable high-throughput genomics experiments

Halbritter F, Kousa AI and Tomlinson SR
Nucleic Acids Research 2013

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