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ready European Variation Archive


General Information
The European Variation Archive is an open-access archive that accepts submission of, and provides access to, all types of genetic variation data from all species. All users are able to download any dataset, or query our study catalogue via our variation table. Access to EVA data is also provided by RESTful web services for a variety of applications, such as annotation pipelines.

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Transcriptome and genome sequencing uncovers functional variation in humans.

Lappalainen T,Sammeth M,Friedlander MR,'t Hoen PA,Monlong J,Rivas MA,Gonzalez-Porta M,Kurbatova N,Griebel T,Ferreira PG,Barann M,Wieland T,Greger L,van Iterson M,Almlof J,Ribeca P,Pulyakhina I,Esser D,Giger T,Tikhonov A,Sultan M,Bertier G,MacArthur DG,Lek M,Lizano E,Buermans HP,Padioleau I,Schwarzmayr T,Karlberg O,Ongen H,Kilpinen H,Beltran S,Gut M,Kahlem K,Amstislavskiy V,Stegle O,Pirinen M,Montgomery SB,Donnelly P,McCarthy MI,Flicek P,Strom TM,Lehrach H,Schreiber S,Sudbrak R,Carracedo A,Antonarakis SE,Hasler R,Syvanen AC,van Ommen GJ,Brazma A,Meitinger T,Rosenstiel P,Guigo R,Gut IG,Estivill X,Dermitzakis ET
Nature 2013

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The European Bioinformatics Institute in 2016: Data growth and integration.

Cook CE,Bergman MT,Finn RD,Cochrane G,Birney E,Apweiler R
Nucleic Acids Res 2015

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