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The mission of NURSA is to accrue, develop, and communicate information that advances our understanding of the roles of nuclear receptors (NRs) and coregulators in human physiology and disease.

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Minireview: Evolution of NURSA, the Nuclear Receptor Signaling Atlas.

McKenna NJ, Cooney AJ, DeMayo FJ, Downes M, Glass CK, Lanz RB, Lazar MA, Mangelsdorf DJ, Moore DD, Qin J, Steffen DL, Tsai MJ, Tsai SY, Yu R, Margolis RN, Evans RM, O'Malley BW.
Molecular Endocrinology 2009

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Nuclear Receptor Signaling Atlas ( hyperlinking the nuclear receptor signaling community.

Lanz RB., Jericevic Z., Zuercher WJ., Watkins C., Steffen DL., Margolis R., McKenna NJ.,
Nucleic Acids Res. 2006

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