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By leveraging and developing a set of Minimal Information About Nanomaterials (MIAN), ontology and standards through a community effort, the Nanomaterials Registry has developed a data model for data collection and sharing in the nanotechnology field. It facilitates data validation and data quality improvement. It is a data-driven tool aimed at enabling researchers to close knowledge gap.

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Nanomaterial registry: database that captures the minimal information about nanomaterial physico-chemical characteristics

Mills, Karmann C. and Murry, Damaris and Guzan, Kimberly A. and Ostraat, Michele L.
Journal of Nanoparticle Research 2014

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The Nanomaterial Registry: facilitating the sharing and analysis of data in the diverse nanomaterial community

Michele L Ostraat, Karmann C Mills, Kimberly A Guzan, and Damaris Murry
Int J Nanomedicine 2013

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