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The Cacao Genome Database (CGD) is a database storing information on the genome of Theobroma cacao. The release of the cacao genome sequence provides researchers with access to the latest genomic tools, enabling more efficient research and accelerating the breeding process, thereby expediting the release of superior cacao cultivars. The sequenced genotype, Matina 1-6, is representative of the genetic background most commonly found in the cacao producing countries, enabling results to be applied immediately and broadly to current commercial cultivars. Matina 1-6 is highly homozygous which greatly reduces the complexity of the sequence assembly process. While the sequence provided is a preliminary release, it already covers 92% of the genome, with approximately 35,000 genes. Work continues on the refinement of the assembly and annotation, working toward a complete finished sequence. Public access to the genome is available permanently without patent via this resource. Before viewing the data, users have to agree that they will not seek any intellectual property protection over the data, including gene sequences contained in the database. The Information Access Agreement allows any cacao breeders and other researchers to freely use the genome information to develop new cacao varieties. This allows for a level playing field and a healthy competitive environment that will ultimately benefit the sustainability of cacao production in the long term.

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