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ready Cool Season Food Legume Genome Database


General Information
Although there is wealth of legume genetic research information in North America and throughout the world, there is still a need for a system that can organize, filter and provide analysis on the available research to be directly applied in breeding programs. The Cool Season Food Legume Crop Database (CSFL) is being developed to serve as a resource for Genomics-Assisted Breeding (GAB). GAB offers tools to identify genes related to traits of interest among other methods to optimize plant breeding efficiency and research, by providing relevant genomic, genetic and breeding information and analysis.

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Cool Season Food Legume Genome Database: A resource for pea, lentil, faba bean and chickpea genetics, genomics and breeding

Humann JL, Jung S, Cheng C-H, Lee T, Zheng P, Frank M, McGaughey D, Scott K, Buble K, Yu J, Hough H. Coyne C, McGee R, Main D
Proceedings of the International Plant and Animal Genome Conference, San Diego, CA, USA. 2017

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