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GeneNet Engine is an exploratory tool to aid hypothesis and biomarker development at a systems-level for genotype-phenotype relationships. Expressed phenotypes may arise due to interactions between multiple genes in a system and effects from the surrounding environment. Therefore, a high systems-level view is needed to identify gene sets causal for a trait. The ability to predict genes that effect important traits is of great importance to agriculture and health. System biology approaches, that combine genomics, gene co-expression networks and data from genetic studies help provide a view at the systems-level of gene interactions. As co-expressed genes tend to be involved in similar processes, it is expected that co-expressed genes may work together to give rise to specific pheontypes. The network module serves as the basic unit of exploration in this site.

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A systems-genetics approach and data mining tool to assist in the discovery of genes underlying complex traits in Oryza sativa.

Ficklin SP,Feltus FA
PLoS One 2013

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