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ready PGDBj Ortholog Database

General Information
The PGDBj Ortholog Database, created under the auspices of the Plant Genome Database Japan (PGDBj), contains information about orthologous genes in plants based on their corresponding amino acid sequence similarity. By placing PGDBj Ortholog Database as a 'hub' within a suite of resources and databases, the aim is to make reciprocal links between databases containing information about various organisms. Users can find orthologs in different subsets of organisms by searching the database using either amino acid information or keywords. The PGDBj 'amino acid sequence DB' contains 500,000 amino acid sequences from 20 plant species classified in Viridiplantae. The PGDBj Ortholog Database provides gene cluster information based on amino acid sequence similarity. Over 500,000 amino acid sequences of 20 Viridiplantae species were subjected to reciprocal BLAST searches and clustered. Sequences from plant genome DBs (e.g. TAIR10 and RAP-DB) were also included in the cluster with a direct link to the original DB. To provide outgroups in the Viridiplantae comparative analyses, ortholog data sets derived from Cyanobacteria and Deuterostomia are also being analyzed.

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Plant Genome DataBase Japan (PGDBj): a portal website for the integration of plant genome-related databases.

Asamizu E,Ichihara H,Nakaya A,Nakamura Y,Hirakawa H,Ishii T,Tamura T,Fukami-Kobayashi K,Nakajima Y,Tabata S
Plant Cell Physiol 2013

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Plant Genome DataBase Japan (PGDBj).

Nakaya A,Ichihara H,Asamizu E,Shirasawa S,Nakamura Y,Tabata S,Hirakawa H
Methods Mol Biol 2016

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