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KIDA (KInetic Database for Astrochemistry) is a database of kinetic data of interest for astrochemical (interstellar medium and planetary atmospheres) studies. KIDA is a project initiated by different communities in order to 1) improve the interaction between astrochemists and physico-chemists and 2) simplify the work of modeling the chemistry of astrophysical environments. Here astrophysical environments stand for the interstellar medium and planetary atmospheres. Both types of environments use similar chemical networks and the physico-chemists who work on the determination of reaction rate coefficients for both types of environment are the same.


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A KInetic Database for Astrochemistry (KIDA)

V. Wakelam, E. Herbst, J.-C. Loison, I. W. M. Smith, V. Chandrasekaran, B. Pavone, N. G. Adams, M.-C. Bacchus-Montabonel, A. Bergeat, K. Béroff, V. M. Bierbaum, M. Chabot, A. Dalgarno, E. F. van Dishoeck, A. Faure, W. D. Geppert, D. Gerlich, D. Galli, E. Hébrard, F. Hersant, K. M. Hickson, P. Honvault, S. J. Klippenstein, S. Le Picard, G. Nyman, P. Pernot, S. Schlemmer, F. Selsis, I. R. Sims, D. Talbi, J. Tennyson, J. Troe, R. Wester, L. Wiesenfeld 2012

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