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The Princeton University MicroArray database (PUMAdb) stores raw and normalized data from microarray experiments, as well as their corresponding image files. In addition, PUMAdb provides interfaces for data retrieval, analysis and visualization.


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The Stanford Microarray Database accommodates additional microarray platforms and data formats.

Ball CA,Awad IA,Demeter J,Gollub J,Hebert JM,Hernandez-Boussard T,Jin H,Matese JC,Nitzberg M,Wymore F,Zachariah ZK,Brown PO,Sherlock G
Nucleic Acids Res 2004

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The Stanford Microarray Database: data access and quality assessment tools.

Gollub J,Ball CA,Binkley G,Demeter J,Finkelstein DB,Hebert JM,Hernandez-Boussard T,Jin H,Kaloper M,Matese JC,Schroeder M,Brown PO,Botstein D,Sherlock G
Nucleic Acids Res 2003

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The Stanford Microarray Database.

Sherlock G,Hernandez-Boussard T,Kasarskis A,Binkley G,Matese JC,Dwight SS,Kaloper M,Weng S,Jin H,Ball CA,Eisen MB,Spellman PT,Brown PO,Botstein D,Cherry JM
Nucleic Acids Res 2000

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