ready Cloud-Aerosol Lidar and Infrared Pathfinder Satellite Observations


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A joint effort between the US and France to collect particulate information (aerosol data) on the atmosphere and their influence on the environment and climate. This information is gathered by the CALIPSO satellite launched in 2006.

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CALIPSO (IIR-CALIOP) Retrievals of Cirrus Cloud Ice Particle Concentrations.

Mitchell DL,Garnier A,Pelon J,Erfani E
Atmos Chem Phys 2018

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The CALIPSO Version 4 Automated Aerosol Classification and Lidar Ratio Selection Algorithm.

Kim MH,Omar AH,Tackett JL,Vaughan MA,Winker DM,Trepte CR,Hu Y,Liu Z,Poole LR,Pitts MC,Kar J,Magill BE
Atmos Meas Tech 2018

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CALIPSO IIR Version 2 Level 1b calibrated radiances: analysis and reduction of residual biases in the Northern Hemisphere.

Garnier A,Tremas T,Pelon J,Lee KP,Nobileau D,Gross-Colzy L,Pascal N,Ferrage P,Scott NA
Atmos Meas Tech 2018

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