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Panzea provides information on the connection between phenotypes and genotypes of complex traits in maize and its wild relative, teosinte, and specifically in how rare genetic variations contribute to overall plant function.

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Development of a maize molecular evolutionary genomic database.

Du C,Buckler E,Muse S
Comp Funct Genomics 2008

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Panzea: an update on new content and features.

Canaran P,Buckler ES,Glaubitz JC,Stein L,Sun Q,Zhao W,Ware D
Nucleic Acids Res 2007

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Panzea: a database and resource for molecular and functional diversity in the maize genome.

Zhao W,Canaran P,Jurkuta R,Fulton T,Glaubitz J,Buckler E,Doebley J,Gaut B,Goodman M,Holland J,Kresovich S,McMullen M,Stein L,Ware D
Nucleic Acids Res 2005

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  • 0321467 (National Science Foundation Plant Genome Grant, Division of Biological Infrastructure)

  • Plant Genome Research Project; award #1238014: “The Biology of Rare Alleles in Maize and Its Wild Relatives” (National Science Foundation (NSF), USA)