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Since 2016, the IMG/VR database has provided access to the largest collection of viral sequences obtained from (meta)genomes. The 3rd version of IMG/VR (Sept 2020) is composed of 18,373 cultivated and 2,314,329 uncultivated viral genomes (UViGs), nearly tripling the total number of sequences compared to the previous version. UViGs in IMG/VR are reported as single viral contigs, integrated proviruses, or genome bins, and are annotated with a new standardized pipeline including genome quality estimation using CheckV, taxonomic classification reflecting the latest ICTV update, and expanded host taxonomy prediction. The new IMG/VR interface enables users to efficiently browse, search, and select UViGs based on genome features and/or sequence similarity.


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IMG/VR: a database of cultured and uncultured DNA Viruses and retroviruses.

Paez-Espino D,Chen IA,Palaniappan K,Ratner A,Chu K,Szeto E,Pillay M,Huang J,Markowitz VM,Nielsen T,Huntemann M,K Reddy TB,Pavlopoulos GA,[...],Liu WT,Rivers AR,Ivanova NN,Kyrpides NC
Nucleic Acids Res 2016

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IMG/VR v.2.0: an integrated data management and analysis system for cultivated and environmental viral genomes.

Paez-Espino D,Roux S,Chen IA,Palaniappan K,Ratner A,Chu K,Huntemann M,Reddy TBK,Pons JC,Llabres M,Eloe-Fadrosh EA,Ivanova NN,Kyrpides NC
Nucleic Acids Res 2018

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