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ready Drosophila gross anatomy


General Information
A structured controlled vocabulary of the anatomy of Drosophila melanogaster. These ontologies are query-able reference sources for information on Drosophila anatomy and developmental stages. They also provide controlled vocabularies for use in annotation and classification of data related to Drosophila anatomy, such as gene expression, phenotype and images. They were originally developed by FlyBase, who continue to maintain them and have used them for over 200,000 annotations of phenotypes and expression.

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Implementing Databases (3)
Genetic, genomic and molecular information pertaining to the model organism Drosophila melanogaster and related sequences. This database also contains information relating to human disease models in Drosophila, the use of transgenic constructs containing sequence from other organisms in Drosophila, and information on where to buy Drosophila strains and constructs.

Bgee DataBase for Gene Expression Evolution
Bgee is a database to retrieve and compare gene expression patterns in multiple animal species, produced from multiple data types (RNA-Seq, Affymetrix, in situ hybridization, and EST data). Bgee is based exclusively on curated "normal", healthy, expression data (e.g., no gene knock-out, no treatment, no disease), to provide a comparable reference of normal gene expression. Bgee produces calls of presence/absence of expression, and of differential over-/under-expression, integrated along with information of gene orthology, and of homology between organs. This allows comparisons of expression patterns between species.

Virtual Fly Brain
VFB is an interactive tool for neurobiologists to explore the detailed neuroanatomy, neuron connectivity and gene expression of Drosophila melanogaster. Our goal is to make it easier for researchers to find relevant anatomical information and reagents. We integrate the neuroanatomical and expression data from the published literature, as well as image datasets onto the same brain template, making it possible to run cross searches, find similar neurons and compare image data on our 3D Viewer.

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A strategy for building neuro-anatomy ontologies

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The Virtual Fly Brain Browser and Query Interface

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