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ready Mouse Adult Gross Anatomy Ontology


General Information
The Mouse Adult Gross Anatomy ontology also has aliases of 'Mouse Anatomy' or 'Mouse anatomical entity'. The resource is a standard, providing a structured vocabulary for the adult anatomy of the mouse. This ontology is part of the Gene Expression Database (GDX) Project of the Jackson Laboratory.

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Kidney and Urinary Pathway Knowledgebase
The KUPKB is a collection of omics datasets that have been extracted from scientific publications and other related renal databases. The iKUP browser provides a single point of entry for you to query and browse these datasets.

The GeneWeaver data and analytics website is a publically available resource for storing, curating and analyzing sets of genes from heterogeneous data sources. The system enables discovery of relationships among genes, variants, traits, drugs, environments, anatomical structures and diseases implicitly found through gene set intersections. By enumerating the common and distinct biological molecules associated with all subsets of curated or user submitted groups of gene sets and gene networks, GeneWeaver empowers users with the ability to construct data driven descriptions of shared and unique biological processes, diseases and traits within and across species.

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