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ready imaging mz Markup Language


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The purpose of imzML is to facilitate the exchange and processing of mass spectrometry imaging data. This website is intended to provide all information neccesary to implement imzML. imzML was developed in the framework of the EU funded project COMPUTIS. The main goals during the development were complete description of MS imaging experiments and efficient storage of (very large) data sets. imzML is it not limited to MS imaging, but is also useful for other MS applications generating large data sets such as LC-FTMS. The metadata part of imzML is based on the mzML format by HUPO-PSI.

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imzML: Imaging Mass Spectrometry Markup Language: A common data format for mass spectrometry imaging.

Rompp A,Schramm T,Hester A,Klinkert I,Both JP,Heeren RM,Stockli M,Spengler B
Methods Mol Biol 2010

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