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ready Minimum Information about a Molecular Interaction Experiment


General Information
MIMIx is a community guideline advising the user on how to fully describe a molecular interaction experiment and which information it is important to capture. The document is designed as a compromise between the necessary depth of information to describe all relevant aspects of the interaction experiment, and the reporting burden placed on the scientist generating the data.

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The minimum information required for reporting a molecular interaction experiment (MIMIx).

Orchard S,Salwinski L,Kerrien S,Montecchi-Palazzi L,Oesterheld M,Stumpflen V,Ceol A,Chatr-aryamontri A,Armstrong J,Woollard P,Salama JJ,Moore S,Wojcik J,Bader GD,Vidal M,Cusick ME,Gerstein M,Gavin AC,Superti-Furga G,Greenblatt J,Bader J,Uetz P,Tyers M,Legrain P,Fields S,Mulder N,Gilson M,Niepmann M,Burgoon L,De Las Rivas J,Prieto C,Perreau VM,Hogue C,Mewes HW,Apweiler R,Xenarios I,Eisenberg D,Cesareni G,Hermjakob H
Nat Biotechnol 2007

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Implementing Databases (4)
IntAct molecular interaction database
IntAct provides a freely available, open source database system and analysis tools for protein interaction data. All interactions are derived from literature curation or direct user submissions and are freely available.

Molecular INTeraction database
MINT focuses on experimentally verified protein-protein interactions mined from the scientific literature by expert curators. As of September 2013, MINT uses the IntAct database infrastructure to limit the duplication of efforts and to optimise future software development. Data maintenance and release, MINT PSICQUIC and IMEx services are under the responsibility of the IntAct team, while curation effort will be carried by both groups. Data manually curated by the MINT curators can now also be accessed from the IntAct homepage at the EBI.

MatrixDB: Extracellular Matrix interactions database
MatrixDB is a database reporting mammalian protein-protein and protein-carbohydrate interactions involving extracellular molecules. Interactions with lipids and cations are also reported. Full-length molecules, fragments and multimers present in the extracellular matrix are all included in the database.

Carlos III Networked Proteomics Platform, ProteoRed-ISCIII is a National Network for the coordination, integration and development of the Spanish Proteomics Facilities providing proteomics services for supporting Spanish researchers in the field of proteomics.


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