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ready Minimum Information about a Protein Affinity Reagent


General Information
MIAPAR is intended to be used as a guideline for experimentalists who wish to unambiguously describe protein affinity reagents and their protein targets (including but not limited to Ab/Ag interactions). It specifies the minimum amount of information which should be present, or directly traceable, in any publication, database entry or commercial catalogue describing either the production or use of affinity reagents such as antibodies, aptamers, protein scaffolds etc. The Minimum Information about a Protein Affinity Reagent MIAPAR is available for public comment.

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Minimum information about a protein affinity reagent (MIAPAR).

Bourbeillon J,Orchard S,Benhar I,Borrebaeck C,de Daruvar A,Dubel S,Frank R,Gibson F,Gloriam D,Haslam N,Hiltker T,Humphrey-Smith I,Hust M,Juncker D,Koegl M,Konthur Z,Korn B,Krobitsch S,Muyldermans S,Nygren PA,Palcy S,Polic B,Rodriguez H,Sawyer A,Schlapshy M,Snyder M,Stoevesandt O,Taussig MJ,Templin M,Uhlen M,van der Maarel S,Wingren C,Hermjakob H,Sherman D
Nat Biotechnol 2010

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