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ready Minimum Information about a Cardiac Electrophysiology Experiment


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Minimum Information about a Cardiac Electrophysiology Experiment (MICEE) is a reporting standard developed by an international group of leading experimental teams comprising an explicit minimum set of information deemed necessary for reproduction and utilization of published cardiac experimental electrophysiology research. The concept is that upon publication, data annotated according to the MICEE standard will be deposited by investigators in an online repository, with links provided in related publications.

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Minimum Information about a Cardiac Electrophysiology Experiment (MICEE): standardised reporting for model reproducibility, interoperability, and data sharing.

Quinn TA,Granite S,Allessie MA,Antzelevitch C,Bollensdorff C,Bub G,Burton RA,Cerbai E,Chen PS,Delmar M,Difrancesco D,Earm YE,Efimov IR,Egger M,Entcheva E,Fink M,Fischmeister R,Franz MR,Garny A,Giles WR,Hannes T,Harding SE,Hunter PJ,Iribe G,Jalife J,Johnson CR,Kass RS,Kodama I,Koren G,Lord P,Markhasin VS,Matsuoka S,McCulloch AD,Mirams GR,Morley GE,Nattel S,Noble D,Olesen SP,Panfilov AV,Trayanova NA,Ravens U,Richard S,Rosenbaum DS,Rudy Y,Sachs F,Sachse FB,Saint DA,Schotten U,Solovyova O,Taggart P,Tung L,Varro A,Volders PG,Wang K,Weiss JN,Wettwer E,White E,Wilders R,Winslow RL,Kohl P
Prog Biophys Mol Biol 2011

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The Cardiovascular Research Grid
The CardioVascular Research Grid (CVRG) project is creating an infrastructure for sharing cardiovascular data and data analysis tools. CVRG tools are developed using the Software as a Service model, allowing users to access tools through their browser, thus eliminating the need to install and maintain complex software.

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