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uncertain Minimum Information required for a DMET Experiment


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The Minimum Information required for a DMET Experiment (MIDE) reporting guideline was created to provide effective DMET data interpretation, sharing, interoperability, reproducibility and reporting. Please note: We cannot find an up-to-date website for this resource. As such, we have marked its status as Uncertain. Please contact us if you have any information on the current status of this resource.


Developed in South Africa

Created in 2011

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Minimum information required for a DMET experiment reporting.

Kumuthini J,Mbiyavanga M,Chimusa ER,Pathak J,Somervuo P,Van Schaik RH,Dolzan V,Mizzi C,Kalideen K,Ramesar RS,Macek M,Patrinos GP,Squassina A
Pharmacogenomics 2016

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