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The Flora Phenotype Ontology is a domain ontology for the description of plant characters. FLOPO contains more than 25000 phenotype and traits classes, the creation of FLOPO is data-driven: For each trait/phenotype class exists a taxon annotation in the underlying Floras.

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  • IOS-1340112 (National Science Foundation)

  • 284443 (Plant Phenotyping Network, European Commission FP7)

  • 312848 (Pro-iBiosphere project, European Commission FP7)

  • BB/J004464/1 (Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council)

  • HI 1538/2-2 (Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft)


Enriched biodiversity data as a resource and service.

Vos RA,Biserkov JV,Balech B,Beard N,Blissett M,Brenninkmeijer C,van Dooren T,Eades D,Gosline G,Groom QJ,Hamann TD,Hettling H,Hoehndorf R,Holleman A,Hovenkamp P,Kelbert P,King D,Kirkup D,Lammers Y,DeMeulemeester T,Mietchen D,Miller JA,Mounce R,Nicolson N,Page R,Pawlik A,Pereira S,Penev L,Richards K,Sautter G,Shorthouse DP,Tahtinen M,Weiland C,Williams AR,Sierra S
Biodivers Data J 2014

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The flora phenotype ontology (FLOPO): tool for integrating morphological traits and phenotypes of vascular plants.

Hoehndorf R,Alshahrani M,Gkoutos GV,Gosline G,Groom Q,Hamann T,Kattge J,de Oliveira SM,Schmidt M,Sierra S,Smets E,Vos RA,Weiland C
J Biomed Semantics 2016

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