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XML submission format for the PRIDE repository at the EBI.

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2016 update of the PRIDE database and its related tools.

Vizcaino JA,Csordas A,del-Toro N,Dianes JA,Griss J,Lavidas I,Mayer G,Perez-Riverol Y,Reisinger F,Ternent T,Xu QW,Wang R,Hermjakob H
Nucleic Acids Res 2015

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ProteomeXchange provides globally coordinated proteomics data submission and dissemination.

Vizcaino JA,Deutsch EW,Wang R,Csordas A,Reisinger F,Rios D,Dianes JA,Sun Z,Farrah T,Bandeira N,Binz PA,Xenarios I,Eisenacher M,Mayer G,Gatto L,Campos A,Chalkley RJ,Kraus HJ,Albar JP,Martinez-Bartolome S,Apweiler R,Omenn GS,Martens L,Jones AR,Hermjakob H
Nat Biotechnol 2014

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How to submit MS proteomics data to ProteomeXchange via the PRIDE database.

Ternent T,Csordas A,Qi D,Gomez-Baena G,Beynon RJ,Jones AR,Hermjakob H,Vizcaino JA
Proteomics 2014

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Related Databases (3)
PRoteomics IDEntifications database
The PRIDE PRoteomics IDEntifications database is a centralized, standards compliant, public data repository that provides protein and peptide identifications together with supporting evidence.

The ProteomeXchange consortium has been set up to provide a single point of submission of MS proteomics data to the main existing proteomics repositories, and to encourage the data exchange between them for optimal data dissemination.

iProX is a public platform for collecting and sharing raw data, analysis results and metadata obtained from proteomics experiments. The iProX repository employs a web-based proteome data submission process and open sharing of mass spectrometry-based proteomics datasets. iProX is a member of the ProteomeXchange (PX) consortium.

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