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Access to consistent, high-quality metadata is critical to finding, understanding, and reusing scientific data. This document describes a consensus among participating stakeholders in the Health Care and the Life Sciences domain on the description of datasets using the Resource Description Framework (RDF). This specification meets key functional requirements, reuses existing vocabularies to the extent that it is possible, and addresses elements of data description, versioning, provenance, discovery, exchange, query, and retrieval.

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The health care and life sciences community profile for dataset descriptions.

Dumontier M,Gray AJ,Marshall MS,Alexiev V,Ansell P,Bader G,Baran J,Bolleman JT,Callahan A,Cruz-Toledo J,Gaudet P,Gombocz EA,Gonzalez-Beltran AN,Groth P,Haendel M,Ito M,Jupp S,Juty N,Katayama T,Kobayashi N,Krishnaswami K,Laibe C,Le Novere N,Lin S,Malone J,Miller M,Mungall CJ,Rietveld L,Wimalaratne SM,Yamaguchi A
PeerJ 2016

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Bio2RDF is an open-source project that uses Semantic Web technologies to build and provide the largest network of Linked Data for the Life Sciences. Bio2RDF defines a set of simple conventions to create RDF(S) compatible Linked Data from a diverse set of heterogeneously formatted sources obtained from multiple data providers.

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