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ready Root System Markup Language


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RSML follows the XML standard to store 2D or 3D image metadata, plant and root properties and geometries, continuous functions along individual root paths and a suite of annotations at the image, plant or root scales, at one or several time points. Plant ontologies are used to describe botanical entities that are relevant at the scale of root system architecture. An xml-schema describes the features and constraints of RSML and open-source packages have been developed in several languages (R, Excel, Java, Python, C#) to enable researchers to integrate RSML files into popular research workflow.

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Root system markup language: toward a unified root architecture description language.

Lobet G,Pound MP,Diener J,Pradal C,Draye X,Godin C,Javaux M,Leitner D,Meunier F,Nacry P,Pridmore TP,Schnepf A
Plant Physiol 2015

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