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ready Marine Microbial Biodiversity, Bioinformatics and Biotechnology data reporting and service standards

Abbreviation: M2B3

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The M2B3 consists of a Data Reporting Standard and Data Service Standard. The M2B3 Data Reporting Standard harmonises contextual data reporting associated with sampling for microbial organisms in a global network of marine stations. The M2B3 Reporting standard spans the biodiversity, molecular and oceanographic domains and adopts existing standards of each discipline. It represents a unique intersection of existing reporting requirements across all three domains. The Standard specifies descriptor usage and formats and indicates appropriate units, where applicable. The M2B3 Service Standard specifies service protocols and a minimal set of core interoperability descriptors, which are central to integration of data from independent resources and allow connection between diverse data across molecular, biodiversity and oceanographic domains.

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Marine microbial biodiversity, bioinformatics and biotechnology (M2B3) data reporting and service standards

Petra ten Hoopen, Stéphane Pesant, Renzo Kottmann, Anna Kopf, Mesude Bicak, Simon Claus, Klaas Deneudt, Catherine Borremans, Peter Thijsse, Stefanie Dekeyzer, Dick MA Schaap, Chris Bowler, Frank Oliver Glöckner and Guy Cochrane
Standards in Genomic Sciences 2015

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European Nucleotide Archive
The European Nucleotide Archive (ENA) is a globally comprehensive data resource for nucleotide sequence, spanning raw data, alignments and assemblies, functional and taxonomic annotation and rich contextual data relating to sequenced samples and experimental design. Serving both as the database of record for the output of the world's sequencing activity and as a platform for the management, sharing and publication of sequence data, the ENA provides a portfolio of services for submission, data management, search and retrieval across web and programmatic interfaces. The ENA is part of the International Nucleotide Sequence Database Collaboration.

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