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deprecated Ocean Biogeographic Information System Schema

Abbreviation:OBIS Schema

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This record was deprecated on April 20, 2016 for the following reason(s): This resource is no longer active. OBIS has moved entirely to the Dublin Core rather than the OBIS schema. Please see the BioSharing record for DwC instead (

The OBIS schema is a list of data fields with names, descriptions, and format notes. It is an extension to the Darwin Core Version 2 standard. The Ocean Biogeographic information System (OBIS) seeks to absorb, integrate, and assess isolated datasets into a larger, more comprehensive pictures of life in our oceans. The system hopes to stimulate research about our oceans to generate new hypotheses concerning evolutionary processes, species distributions, and roles of organisms in marine systems on a global scale. The abstract maps that OBIS generates are maps that contribute to the ‘big picture’ of our oceans: a comprehensive, collaborative, world-wide view of our oceans.

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