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ready MIAPE: Mass Spectrometry Informatics


General Information
This module identifies the minimum information required to report the use of protein and peptide identification and characterisation software to analyse the data produced by mass spectrometry experiments, sufficient to support both the effective interpretation and assessment of the data and the potential recreation of the work that generated it.

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Implementing Databases (3)
PRoteomics IDEntifications database
The PRIDE PRoteomics IDEntifications database is a centralized, standards compliant, public data repository that provides protein and peptide identifications together with supporting evidence.

The ProteomeXchange consortium has been set up to provide a single point of submission of MS proteomics data to the main existing proteomics repositories, and to encourage the data exchange between them for optimal data dissemination.

Carlos III Networked Proteomics Platform, ProteoRed-ISCIII is a National Network for the coordination, integration and development of the Spanish Proteomics Facilities providing proteomics services for supporting Spanish researchers in the field of proteomics.



Guidelines for reporting the use of mass spectrometry informatics in proteomics.

Binz PA,Barkovich R,Beavis RC,Creasy D,Horn DM,Julian RK Jr,Seymour SL,Taylor CF,Vandenbrouck Y
Nat Biotechnol 2008

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