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ready LINCS Extended Metadata Standard: Antibody Reagents

Abbreviation: LINCS 2: Antibody Reagents

General Information
LINCS Production Phase 2 Extended Metadata Standards were developed by the LINCS consortium with the goal of generating an integrated view across the diverse LINCS data resources. These guidelines are focused on the minimum required information to model LINCS assays and results and have been recommended by LINCS for adoption beyond the LINCS project. Antibodies are extremely useful because of their high target specificity in detection of proteins, capture of proteins for isolation, purification and quantification, and selective inhibition of protein function (e.g., membrane receptor). Important metadata to be reported include a standardized name and ID of the antibody, identity of the target protein, target organism, information on the immunogen (name, source, modification of the protein/peptide), antibody clonality, antibody isotype, antibody purity, antibody specificity, and whether it was used as a primary or secondary antibody in an assay.

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Metadata Standard and Data Exchange Specifications to Describe, Model, and Integrate Complex and Diverse High-Throughput Screening Data from the Library of Integrated Network-based Cellular Signatures (LINCS).

Vempati UD,Chung C,Mader C,Koleti A,Datar N,Vidovic D,Wrobel D,Erickson S,Muhlich JL,Berriz G,Benes CH,Subramanian A,Pillai A,Shamu CE,Schurer SC
J Biomol Screen 2014

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